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Simon Says - Don't lose your stuff

Ever wonder why your child's stuff gets lost?

Or how they go to school with thier lunch box, drink bottle, pencils, books and jumper only to come home missing half of it?

Look no further, Skool Labels is here to help - The simple solution to keeping stuff out of lost property.

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What are skool labels?

Skool Labels are designed to make busy lives feel more organised. Skool Labels are a range of customisable labels to help you keep track of all your child's belongings at childcare, school, sporting clubs, boarding school and camp.

Durable and easy to use, we provide high quality labels at affordable prices. We have a great range of products to suit everyone including our extensive range of vinyl name labels – perfect for lunchboxes, pencils, books, sporting equipment & more. We also have iron on clothing labels which really work – no more sew in labels! Our iron on labels are a permanent transfer designed to withstand both domestic & commercial washers & dryers.

All Skool Labels orders receive FREE shipping and are despatched within three working days meaning you will get your labels sooner.

We also offer discounts for ordering your Skool Labels online.

Save 10% off your orders over $50 or save 15% on orders over $100.

Be Organised with Skool Labels

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