Every dollar spent earns 20c for your school or centre 1800 626 898
It's very easy to use, and I love that you can donate to the kid's school or carer! The home delivery is a fantastic service! :)
More toys that are not plastic, and not unnecessarily branded with trademarked characters
An excellent variety of toys/activities that you cannot easily find in shops. Not character or TV franchise stuff.
I love the educational toys. My son doesn't have a good concentration span but likes to sit down and play with the different puzzles I have purchased.
It has toys you can't find anywhere else
Great educational toys and games of good quality at reasonable prices. Also reasonably priced postage!
Good range of quality toys in broad age range
Educational toys that are different from department stores. Great specialty items and good quality.
Gives me access to good quality toys that are not available locally
The range of products and the prices, are often better than in store.
Variety of toys, across ages and diversity of activities. Also fact that childcare can benefit when I order.
You supply good quality, educational product that enhance my child's development
The range of educational toys is wonderful and benefits our school
I like the variety of educational products, some unusual that I haven't seen elsewhere. Supports my kinder by purchasing.
Being able to buy items for my children that are educational and fun at the same time.